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Information about international shipping
All prices are in New Zealand dollars. If you wish to determine the cost of your order in your own currency, we recommend you use the Classic Currency Converter by clicking here.

The freight calculation is an estimate of the cost of freight and shipping. We adopt this approach as a number of variables such as exchange rates, discounts can effect the actual cost. On receipt of an order, confirmation of the actual cost will be advised to clients, and, in most instances, the actual cost should be lower than the estimate.

Calculate your approximate shipping costs
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The shipping cost, based on sea freight includes packing, export documentation in New Zealand, sea freight from Auckland to the final port of discharge. It does not cover any Customs duties or charges at receiving end, the cost of local clearing charges and the cost of transport from the destination port to the final place of delivery.

If a client requests door to door delivery we can advise the cost, although it will not include customs duties as these cannot be determined until the shipment arrives at its destination.

To ensure all orders arrive in top condition all shipments are packed to export standard. All shipments are insured, unless otherwise requested by the client, as this protects orders against the risk of theft, loss or breakage.

As all shipments are insured, where a loss, breakage or theft occurs immediate contact should be made with the insurance agent specified in the shipping documents.

It is recommended that where possible you photograph the damage as evidence. In all cases please advise Growbiz International Ltd of the damage, so we are aware of the situation and can help resolve the issue.

There is no minimum order requirement. However, for sea freight shipping companies normally levy a minimum charge equal to the rate for 1 cubic metre, which is approximately 30 cartons of wine. This minimum cost is incurred for orders from 1 to 30 cartons. No such minimum applies to airfreight.

Once an order is shipped Growbiz International Ltd will complete the documents and email copies of the relevant documents to the client while at the same time couriering the originals to the clients.

Growbiz International Ltd is not able to take responsibility for any import restrictions at the client’s end and strongly recommends that you check with your local Customs authorities to determine if you can import the wines.

Customs duties may be payable on international orders. The amount of the duty is not normally determined until the order arrives at its destination and it is to the account of the client.

Growbiz International Limited complies with any regulations in force to prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages by underage consumers. Accordingly clients placing orders must be 18 or 21 years of age or older, depending on the regulations in force in the country in which the client is presently resident.
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