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How do I use the Portfolio ordering system?
Each item in the Portfolio has associated order button, and a corresponding field in which to enter quantity of cartons. You simply enter the number of cartons you require and click the order button. This is the same for Featured Portfolio Items or items you have located using the search engine.

When using the search engine you will notice that the items you order are written to a column on the left of the search returns. Once you have added the items you want to order, click on the "Proceed with Order" button to finalise your order details. If you want to clear all ordered items from your current order, you can click on "Clear Order".

Once you have click through to the current order screen, you can choose to amend or confirm your order. To amend simply delete the existing number of cartons and type the new value. If you wish to delete the item entirely just type a "0" in the text field. If you are unsure of the value of the NZ dollar against your local currency, we have supplied a link to a good currency converter.

Before you choose "Proceed with Order" you must choose a region, so that we can provide an estimated freight cost for you. We have provided this estimate as a guide only, please bear in mind that freight costs are finalised at time of shipment so it may vary slightly depending on currency rates and other factors.

Once you have choosen a region, click "Proceed with Order". This will take you to the "Billing Information" page where you complete your details prior to shipping. Once you have filled in the required details, click on "Proceed with Order". You will then see a confirmation screen of your order placement with the order number. You will also receive a confirmation HTML email for your records.


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